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Since we moved to the new home my husband and I have been feeling tired and worn out. It just seemed like we could not get enough rest. After we read an article on EMF we contacted SafeSpace Lab to get our new house tested. We were amazed when the EMF testing equipment showed 25 times the normal EMF intensity in our bedroom! After we removed the source of the EMF, we have noticed a significant increase in our energy level and ability to rest. Thank you, SafeSpace!
Jessica, Newton, MA

When I was pregnant, I was using the electrical blanket almost every night until my doctor warned me about the potential EMF exposure. When I did the research on EMF I was astonished! I have used the services of the SafeSpace Lab to test out my home to make sure that the baby's room is totally safe and that other most used areas of the house are within recommended safety limits.
Lora, Wellesley, MA

After I moved from one office space to another I have noticed that my productivity went down significantly. When I saw SafeSpace Lab advertising I knew what was the problem. There is an electrical room adjacent to the wall that I was leaning against. After SafeSpace Lab made some measurements, I was able to minimize the exposure by moving my chair and desk to the other side of the room.
Joshua, Boston, MA
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